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SPRING Doorstopper 2.0 campaign goes live summer 2019.

After supporting multiple startups with their successful Kickstarter campaigns,
ID DESIGN returns to Kickstarter to revolutionize a product that hasn’t seen any innovation in the last decades: The Spring Doorstopper. With its sleek and functional design, it holds your door properly, so you don´t have to worry about slamming doors, impacts of your doorknob or crashing glass doors anymore. It was engineered after the principles of universal design and can be used with ease by small children, elderly and physically handicapped people. 

We have used the opportunity of the campaign relaunch to further improve the functionality and durability of the doorstopper and added some features requested by the kickstarter community!


Unlike many doorstoppers on the market, Spring will work with perfectly consistent functionality every time you use it – just with a touch of your toes. Thanks to its reinforced material, it won’t wear over time.

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The Spring works with every door at your home, even with glass doors and bulky apartment doors. Thanks to the optional protector, delicate door won´t be damaged.

The Spring is easy to install on nearly every surface - even outside on your veranda. For the ideal bonding joint, it utilizes an adhesive tape from 3M, which is powerful but still removable. The bonding joint has been successfully tested on the most common flooring materials. Although the bonding joint is incredibly strong, you can remove the Spring and the Protector by heating it up with a common hairdryer. The floor will not be damaged by the adhesive tape, which is essential for users living in a rented flat.

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